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From intimate farm tables to lavish ballrooms, Sachi Rose offers full-service floral designs for weddings and events in New York City, Los Angeles, and anywhere else you want to take us. Destination weddings are our jam! We work closely with couples and event planners to translate each client's unique vision into living, breathing works of art. Our signature style is a little bit wild-garden, a little bit Dutch still-life painting, and a little bit Rock n' Roll. Each bloom is placed with thought and care, and our passion for flowers always shines through on your special day. For more information, please refer to our list of of frequently asked questions below.


  • WHAT IS THE QUOTE & PAYMENT PROCESS?  After you initially contact us, you will receive a welcome email with our wedding questionnaire attached. Once you fill that out and email it back, it generally takes us about 2 weeks to create an initial proposal based on your unique vision & budget. From there we set up a phone call and/or meeting to discuss the details. We offer 3 complimentary proposal revisions. To Save the date we require a non-refundable 50% deposit. The final payment is due 30 days prior to your event date, and then we're all set to show up on the big day and make magic happen!
  • DO YOU OFFER SAMPLES?  We offer 1 complimentary bridal bouquet or centerpiece sample (if requested) after the deposit is paid, for weddings with a floral budget upwards of $10k. For weddings below that budget, we charge full price for samples. Please keep in mind that samples may not include all of the flowers listed in the your proposal due to season and availability. 

  • CAN YOU GET THE FLOWERS I WANT?  We obtain our flowers both locally and internationally. If a certain flower is not in season in the US, we are often able to source it from another country, however certain popular flowers such as peonies can only be found in early Summer. Likewise, flowering branches are only available in late Spring. If there are any flowers that you want which aren't in season, we will be happy to show you similar blooms that will look just as great! Because organic products are unpredictable by nature, there is always a possibility that certain flowers may unexpectedly become unavailable for your event. Should this occur, we will satisfy the final design with replacement flowers that compliment the unique style and color palette of your event. 
  • DO YOU HAVE A MINIMUM?  Nope! We do wedding of all sizes, however popular wedding dates in the Summer and early Fall are typically reserved for larger weddings. 

  • DO I NEED A WEDDING PLANNER?  Not necessarily, however most of our clients work with a full-service or month-of event wedding planner. We believe that the planner is key to pulling all the details together and ensuring a beautiful, stress-free process and wedding day for the bride and groom.



  • WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED?  We are based in Brooklyn, but we also work frequently in Southern California, and love to travel for destination weddings!
  • HOW FAR IN ADVANCE DO I NEED TO BOOK MY FLORIST?  Wedding dates generally book between 6 -12 months in advance. The floral designer should be one of the first vendors you choose after deciding on a venue. In order to save your date we require a non-refundable 50% deposit. For other events, how far out you book the florist depends on the size and budget of the event, but in general we suggest a minimum of 2 weeks. Although if your order is under $1k we can usually accommodate you in less time. 


    It depends on the size of the wedding and couple's budget, but for most of our brides the floral budget is between 15-20% of the total cost of their wedding.

  • DO WE GET TO KEEP THE VASES?  You will have the option of purchasing the vases, or renting them. Renting keeps cost down, however many couples like to give centerpieces away. It's totally up to the couple. Any equipment or vases rented come with the understanding that all items will be returned in the same condition they were loaned. A replacement fee will be charged for any lost or damaged items. If you decide to rent the vases from us, you can still keep the flowers & bouquets at the end of the night. We will just need the vases back. 

  • HOW DO DESTINATION WEDDINGS WORK?  Each destination wedding is different. We have a minimum of $15k for weddings outside of the New York and Los Angeles areas. Typically we include travel costs & lodging in your proposal, but we always do our best to find affordable options to be respectful of your budget. If your venue does not have adequate facilities for us to work (such as a enough space, a sink and air conditioning), we will also budget in an affordable work space and portable refrigeration to keep your flowers looking fresh for the big day. If there is not a local flower market, we can easily ship flowers from the nearest source. This sounds expensive, but there's actually not much of a price difference. Many of the flowers we regularly use in New York are shipped from Holland and South America. They are always fresh and gorgeous upon arrival!