• KEEP IT COOL. Heat kills flowers! Always place fresh flowers in a cool room away from heaters, candles & hot lights. 

  • ADD WATER DAILY. As a rule, you want to make sure that the vase is always filled with water. Flowers drink water at a rapid rate, and often before you realize it, the vase is empty. An arrangement without water is a goner. If you're really feeling sassy, changing the water daily is even better! Just hold the flowers like a bouquet (being careful to touch the stems and not the blooms) and pour the water out. Bacteria from old water is a flower's worst enemy. Rinse the vase and fill it up with fresh water. If your arrangement is made with floral foam or tape, do not try to remove the flowers. Just place the arrangement in a sink, gently part the flowers, and let a stream of room temperature water flow into the vase. It's good to let it overflow to flush out the older water. Pat the vase dry, and you're done!

  • CUT THE STEMS AT AN ANGLE. (If your arrangement is made with tape or floral foam that keeps the flowers in place, skip this step.) Once your vase is filled with fresh water, be sure to cut the stems at an angle. Cutting the stems at an angle allows for the passage ways of the stems to become clear again, and creates a larger surface area for the stems to drink from.  Just hold the flowers like a bouquet to keep the arrangement in tact (being careful to not touch the blooms), and chop them at an angle about 1" from the bottom of the stem. Quickly place them back in the water. 

  • REMOVE ANY DROOPY STEMS. You can keep your arrangement looking fresh for longer by pulling out any blooms that are starting to look sad. This keeps the bacteria from infecting the rest of the flowers, and is a great way to keep the arrangement looking new!